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Let's say it's possible to merge two humans as split in one body. Let's ignore all the complications from it. You performed the merging of the two bodies including the two brains in half, and the result is that the brain communicates to each other like it was two people in it, and they're both aware that they're merged. Does this merged person becomes a new person, or it is two people in one body?
Starball Abstraction by ReptillianSP2011
Starball Abstraction
Well, I finally learned how to make a starball with TopMod, and this render is my reward. Now, I think I should crop it some more though. 
Wire Twirl-Tornado Cube BW by ReptillianSP2011
Wire Twirl-Tornado Cube BW
This is a Black and White version of my last submission. 
Wire Tornado-Faced Cube by ReptillianSP2011
Wire Tornado-Faced Cube
This is the best name I could think for it. It's basically a cube with twisted extrusion that has been modified with wireframe remodeling in TopMod. That's all there is to it. 
Man, NURBS are remarkably difficult to use, but I already made the switch from polygon modeling to NURBS modeling. It's more time-consuming to work with NURBS than polygons, but man, it's so stressful to use it. 


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United States
I am someone who prefers to be alone. I enjoy solitude being introspective. I grown up with an art background all my life and enjoys having to do artworks everyday even if it just sketches. There may be few moments where I might actually connect with someone else, those are rare moments. I haven't talked to student peers for a month one time and it feels great not having to talk to them at all.

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Thanks for the fav, bud!
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The way to take care of the idjit you referred to earlier today is to not feed it.  I gave up dealing with him a year ago and added him and his accomplice to my block list, and just put it in the past.  It's a matter of not putting up with people who's only goal is to be that pebble/spike in your shoe and digging in every time you take a step.  The only way to take care of it is to stop, remove the stone/spike, and move on.
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He's the only guy in my block list. The rest of the peep here is easily tolerable. 
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Thank you for adding 'Calliope' [link] to your collection! :heart:
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Holy shit.

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Just to tell you, I don't online date so.

Not interested.

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Deviantheart matches me up woth a guy. :| Also, that's ok. I wasn't interested into anyone, too.
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thank YOU ...:)..!
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There is much more solid scientific evidence that disproves your argument then the other way around. You are on the losing side of a battle. I could find valid-looking scientific refutes against evolution right now if I wanted. Its not that fucking hard. Maybe you should try growing half a fucking brain cell?
ReptillianSP2011 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student General Artist
I am not a creationist, so please don't even talk about creationism. Here are evidences that sexuality can be altered during one's lifetime while there are evidences that sexuality is not always that set from the prenatal environment.

Evidence that sexuality can change
[link] -Academic study
[link] - Academic study
[link] - Academic study

Evidence that sexuality is not merely inherited
[link] -Academic study

Scientists are now looking for epigenetics to prove that sexuality can change as all findings to a homosexual genes has failed.
BelleMylene Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
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