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Well, instead of working on a gaming automobile, I wanted to make the Epcot Ball for another game. The full Epcot ball has 11520 triangles, and the shape is based off the dodecahedron. To support this...

My sources to the geometry of the Epcot Ball are these quotes I found

"This one should make my mom, a retired geometry teacher, proud. The structure that Spaceship Earth is housed in is called a “geodesic sphere”. The surface of Spaceship Earth is made up of isosceles triangles. An isosceles triangle is one that has at least 2 equal length sides. An equilateral triangle is a special type of isosceles triangle, as it has all 3 sides being of equal length. Spaceship Earth has 60 isosceles triangle faces, each divided into 16 smaller equilateral triangles. These 960 flat panels are then sub-divided into four triangles, each of which is divided into three isosceles triangles to form each point. Theoretically, a perfect geodesic sphere of this size should have 11,520 isosceles triangles covering the sphere’s surface; however, about 200 of the triangles are not truly complete due to access doors and other practical features. In non-math terms, there are a lot of triangles that make up the surface of Spaceship Earth. "

So, all I have to do to get the base shape is to Root-3 the dodecahedron, and then smooth it to get that, and for the final part, spherize it and then poke the faces. That sounds easy, right? Well, not exactly. The results is that while it does get some resemblance to the Epcot Ball, the triangles are not quite so uniform. So, that's a issue and I was not able to find an actual solution to this.

In TopMod
-Start with Dodecahedron
-Root-3 under 3-Conversion
-Loop Style Remeshing under 3-Preservation
-Repeat step 3 until you get to 3840 faces
-Apply Stellate

Bam, you got to where I'm at.  Compare it to the actual ball, and you'd see how bad it fails to replicate it.

At the moment, the best replication I did was using another shape as a base, and getting 11760 triangles in the end, but the result is far more uniform and it is way closer to the looks of the original Epcot Ball.. Is the actual base shape close to the isosahedron?

Edit: I figured out my solution by editing the Root-3 Dodecahedron by flipping triangle edge and then doing the rest within TopMod.
I am having trouble converting a Inkscape SVG to Adobe Illustrator format. What I am converting is a 2000+ objects grouped, and there are several clipping and clipping applied to the object. My teacher wants the .ai format.

Attempt #1 - Direct import
Adobe Illustrator Crash

Attempt #2 - EPS Export
Poor resolution, but the image remains intact

Attempt #3 - Ungrouping and removing objects
Vector Resolution for the most part, but some objects looks bad. Also, masking layers seem to be removed

Anyone would like to help me? I would be willing to give anyone my image.
Why is this folderband/organize bar here? Why do I have to deal with this shit taking my Windows explorer space? Who even thought of this shit?
Let's say one day that it is proven that a soul exist and consiousness exists without the brain. It is not certain whose idea about what happens after death is right, but what it certain is that the discovery confirmed there is something bigger out there. Would it change anything?
This is a thought I had in my head, that being said...

Scenario :

You traveled light years just to find a strange silver planet and you see that there are some life over there along with robots. As you visit this strange planet, some aliens/robots found a way to communicate with you and offered you to sacrifice your physical body and brain to live in the matrix world.

The alien said : "Welcome to this planet, here, you will find living beings sacrificing themselves to live in the matrix world, and as they go into the Matrix world, they live in a world similar to Earth-like planets being free from harm. In the Matrix world, they'd see that there is no observable difference between the physics of that universe and the physics of this universe, and they cannot cease to exist as long as this planet is alive. The robots you see here are tools that living beings in the Matrix world use to explore the universe in which you are at now. In the Matrix world, you are to live in peace with other humannoid with the opportunity to do anything you would like to do bounded by the laws of physics, and you can take any kinds of jobs/hobbies you would like to have. Each time you die in the Matrix world, you are automatically revived. You can never feel harmed in this world because you are free from feeling or perceivably harmed to this world. You can communicate with other humannoids and discuss anything you would like with them provided these humannoids are willing to communicate with you, and there is almost everything intelligent species can have to offer. The economy in the matrix world is always prospering well as resources are virtually endless.  

So, would you like to sacrifice yourself to live in the Matrix world?"

And, as time pass, this alien provided evidences that the matrix world is indeed legitimate, and there is no evidence against the legitimacy of the matrix world. So, would you take the offer? What would you ask the alien?


Artist | Student | Varied
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I am someone who prefers to be alone. I enjoy solitude being introspective. I grown up with an art background all my life and enjoys having to do artworks everyday even if it just sketches. There may be few moments where I might actually connect with someone else, those are rare moments. I haven't talked to student peers for a month one time and it feels great not having to talk to them at all.

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There is much more solid scientific evidence that disproves your argument then the other way around. You are on the losing side of a battle. I could find valid-looking scientific refutes against evolution right now if I wanted. Its not that fucking hard. Maybe you should try growing half a fucking brain cell?
ReptillianSP2011 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student General Artist
I am not a creationist, so please don't even talk about creationism. Here are evidences that sexuality can be altered during one's lifetime while there are evidences that sexuality is not always that set from the prenatal environment.

Evidence that sexuality can change
[link] -Academic study
[link] - Academic study
[link] - Academic study

Evidence that sexuality is not merely inherited
[link] -Academic study

Scientists are now looking for epigenetics to prove that sexuality can change as all findings to a homosexual genes has failed.
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