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I was experimenting with Krita, and LAB color space, and I realize how powerful is LAB is as a color space. I can do color-correct inversion, I can shift colors and the color shift is perceptually correct. I can add warm/cool color using LAB color, and so on. I can do just about anything in LAB without the burden of HSV! I can stimulate color-blindess! I can use a LAB Krita file as a background file, and keep it with complimentary color, and then put it as a file layer in a RGB document, and then shift hue with it. Praise LAB!
Well, looks like bad news for Krita users.

Even while we’re working on a new beta for Krita 3.2 and a new development build for 4.0 (with Python, on Windows!), we have to release some bad news as well.

The Krita Foundation is having trouble with the Dutch tax authorities. This is the situation:

In February, we received an audit from the tax inspector. We were quite confident we wouldn’t have any problems because when we setup the Krita Foundation in 2013, we took the advice of a local tax consultant on how to setup the Foundation and its administration. We registered for VAT with the tax authorities and kept our books as instructed by the consultant.

However, the tax inspector found two problems springing from the fact the Foundation sells training videos and books, so it is not 100% funded by donations. This means that the tax authorities see the Foundation is as partly a company, partly as not a company.

We claimed back VAT for things bought by the Foundation. But we should only have claimed the VAT back to the percentage of income generated from sales, which is about 15%. (The rest of our income is donations.)The Foundation was created to be able to have Dmitry work full-time on Krita. Because we sell stuff, the tax inspector has determined that we’re a company, and should have paid VAT in the Netherlands over the work Dmitry has been doing in Russia. Even though there is no VAT in Russia on the kind of work Dmitry is doing. But because we’re not a company, we cannot reclaim the VAT.

In other words, because we’re mostly not a company, we should not have claimed back the VAT we paid; but we’re also considered fully a company, so we should have paid VAT in the Netherlands over Dmitry’s work, which we could not have claimed back because the Foundation is mostly not a company. (It didn’t matter that Dmitry owns the copyright on his work, and that the Foundation doesn’t own anything related to Krita except for the trademark…)

The result is a tax bill of 24,000 euros. We have consulted with an accountant, and together we got the bill reduced to 15,006 euros, including fines and interest, but the accountant’s bill came to 4,000 euros.

The discussions with the tax inspector and accountant have taken months to resolve. The stress that caused has not just eaten into our coding productivity, it also meant we had no certainty at all, so we missed our usual May fundraiser. At one point, we were almost certain the Krita Foundation would go broke.

We ended 2016 with about 30,000 euros in the bank, enough to keep us going until June: it has dwindled to€ 5.461,63 by now. Fortunately, we did have the help of three extra-ordinary sponsors who helped us survive through this period. We also have found a sponsor for some extra work on Krita, mainly focused on improving performance on systems with many cores and restoring some touch functionality and touch ui to Krita.


Source :…
There is this woman I used to like, but now I like her again. As I am asexual, I don't see the point of this feeling. Sigh... Is there an anti-love potion?
While I'm not a Microsoft Paint guy, I'm curious on what you will do once it's away. Here are your alt options if you use Paint for art

-GIMP under indexed mode
I am finding that my Krita desktop work is way too much for my laptop, and I need fancy features which are transform mask, nondestructive editing, and a form of smart object. How can I open 500+ layers, 2K+ resolution, 16-bit float color space using my laptop with Krita? Is there an alternative as Krita is pretty much for high end PC with that kind of work? Would Affinity Designer be a reasonable alternative? Would it even open a work with that much data? Photoshop also struggle hard with that on my laptop.


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am someone who prefers to be alone. I enjoy solitude being introspective. I grown up with an art background all my life and enjoys having to do artworks everyday even if it just sketches. There may be few moments where I might actually connect with someone else, those are rare moments. I haven't talked to student peers for a month one time and it feels great not having to talk to them at all.



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There is much more solid scientific evidence that disproves your argument then the other way around. You are on the losing side of a battle. I could find valid-looking scientific refutes against evolution right now if I wanted. Its not that fucking hard. Maybe you should try growing half a fucking brain cell?
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